Leavenworks Launches Flagship Product with Tiny Mammoth and Grows Ad Sales 169%

About the Brand

Leavenworks is a Home Essentials brand selling high quality glassware and sustainable bamboo products to serve a practical purpose in a home. Designing their products in California and manufacturing with sustainable and eco-friendly factories overseas, they are able to deliver both quality and practicality in every offering.

The Challenge

After spending nearly a year perfecting the manufacturing process to build the highest quality glassware,  Leavenworks launched on Amazon in 2020, but sales fell short of expectations. They partnered with Tiny Mammoth as their Amazon agency to elevate their Amazon strategy.

How we did it

A-Z Launch

Leavenworks looked to enter into the glassware market on Amazon and establish itself as a reputable brand for future growth. Combining all of our skill sets at Tiny Mammoth we were able to succeed by helping to place the very first container order from their supplier.

Best New Releases

Within days, we were able to achieve ranking within the subcategory and one of Amazon's most notable flairs (#1 New Release).


Using a systematic approach for obtaining reviews, Leavenworks Glass Beer Cups reaching 100 reviews under 60 days.

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