Savvy Planet

Savvy Planet Reaches New Milestones and Dominates Their Niche Category

About the Brand

Marianne saw a vision to build a company that focuses on eco-friendly products and using sustainable materials. Having a keen eye on developing products that serve a practical purpose as well as visually exceptional, Savvy Planet has thousands of loyal customers around the US.

The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Tiny Mammoth, Savvy Planet worked with freelancers specializing in specific skillsets. With the intention of growing the company, Marianne wanted to grow her brand online and level up. During the pandemic, she was facing supply issues and needed effective negotiations with her overseas supplier.

How we did it


Savvy Planet needed a collective team working in harmony to move its objective forward. We provided Savvy Planet with the leadership and guidance needed to maximize sales and establish itself for future growth. Combining all of our skill sets at Tiny Mammoth we were able to succeed by helping to place the very first container order from their supplier.

Full Service Accounts gain access to our Customized Dashboard via Notion. This helps all tasks - interval, frequency, daily - to be tracked and completed. In addition, all progress and updates are relayed to the client's Slack Channel.


After being out of stock for 5 months, due to logistics delays, Savvy Planet needed to regain market share. As inventory became available, we relaunched advertising campaigns and penetrated competitor weaknesses through using data/organic rankings.

Steadily holding sales ranking but increasing towards the target price.


Our Creative and Design team had the privilege of working closely with Savvy Planet to deliver fresh content.


Knowing that a swift restock was imperative, we offered our warehousing services to Savvy Planet. We received the inbound container and sent into FBA within 24 hours and the inventory was live within 3 days.


Savvy Planet has been a client since early 2021 and continues to be an example of a long-term partnership with an agency.

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