Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo resolves critical issues in their back-end without interrupting their sales.

About the Brand

Water Buffalo makes outdoor and hydration gear for outdoor enthusiasts. They carry various capacity pouches for any adventure. Their product line includes: Hydration Packs, Hydration Bladders, Bike Cages, Beach Chairs, and more accessories all related to outdoor living.

The Challenge

Water Buffalo required critical changes to the listing copy and sought an overall listing audit to ensure organic ranking. After being a category leader for over two years, they wanted to retain their position and find new relevant search terms and index them accordingly. They had a category listing issue which needed to be resolved with our advanced catalog team.

How we did it


Search behaviors on Amazon.com change with emerging keywords, long-tail keywords and periphery keywords every 3-6 months. After years of dominance in the Water Hydration Pack category, Water Buffalo was due to update their copy with additional search terms. We've conducted over 7 Keyword Research Analyses which provide insight on what keywords can be used to generate more traffic and targeted with Amazon Sponsored Ads.


Using the Keywords we discovered through the Keyword Research Analyses, our copywriting team developed copy that was optimized to rank for the new search terms, as well as, invoke a compelling reason for shoppers to purchase Water Buffalo.

See for yourself: 

  • Keeps Water Cold Up to 5 Hours: When you’re in beast mode, your insulated hiking backpack paired with our 2-liter bladder (70 oz.) keeps you hydrated longer. Leak-free & BPA-free, you can enjoy 1 more mile with ease.

From the time of uploading the copy, the sales conversion rate slightly increased at about 4-7% within a 3-month period.

Upload and resolve category listing issues using a flat file

If you know, you know. Amazon's catalog system is notoriously a headache when trying to changes to attributes, merge/unmerge listings, and using flat files. Our expert team who handles catalog saved Water Buffalo the inconvenience and precious time by resolving all category listing issues. The end result? Water Buffalo was provided a back up flat file, in case any other issues arise with category indexing or missing attributes.

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